Posted by: Robin Gronsky | March 22, 2013

Real Estate Issues For Blended Famillies

There are lots of couples who have been previously married, with children, who want to buy a house with their new significant other.  When you are part of a couple who has children from a previous marriage, your buying a home together raises issues that you may not have thought of.

If you and your honey each own a house, should you move into one house and sell the other?  Should you move into one house and rent out the other?  Should you sell both and buy a new house for your new family?

What happens if one of you owns the house you both live in and you are not put on the title?  Can you get kicked out of what you consider to be your home after your significant other dies?  Does the answer change if you are married?

How do you title the real estate the two of you own if you each want your kids to inherit the house?  Do you have a claim to your honey’s house if you pay part of the mortgage and repair expenses?

There are many stories out there of couples who did not consult a lawyer about title issues or money contribution questions before buying real estate together.  If you don’t want the answer to your real estate question to be a nightmare for you or your children, talk to a real estate lawyer before you go house-hunting together.  Know what your options are and talk it out with everyone involved so you get the solution that works for everyone.


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