Posted by: Robin Gronsky | March 13, 2013

Figure Out How Your Business Will Find Customers Or You Just Have a Hobby

If you are thinking of opening a new business or you have a business right now, you know that without customers, you only have a hobby.  Customers are what defines a business.  It doesn’t matter how good a product or service you are providing, if no one wants to buy what you want to sell, your business will not make money.  The mantra from “Field of Dreams” – “Build it and they will come” – doesn’t work in the business world.

If you are still in the business planning stage, you need to do some research to find out whether you will find a clientele.  You must talk to people you know (who may be kind and not give you their true opinion) and total strangers who may be more honest about what they think about your proposed product or service.  If you are not creating a totally new product or service, you must be able to articulate why what you are proposing for your business is different from other businesses with similar ideas.

When you propose to do marketing, what will you be able to say about what problem you are solving, what need your product or service fills, or what benefit your clients will get from your services or product?

If you own an existing business that is looking for new customers, think about trying something different from what you have been doing.  Also, think of putting your eggs into several baskets.  Try online methods and offline methods.  Track how new business is coming to you by asking every new customer how they found you.  Talk to existing customers (if you have any) to find out what they like best about your product or service and what they wish you could change about your product or how you deliver your service.

Every action you take as a business owner should be driven from the idea of your customers and what they want or need from your business.  If you don’t have enough customers, you will never have a thriving business.


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