Posted by: Robin Gronsky | July 23, 2012

How Do I Prove I Own My Home If I Lost The Deed?

The deed is the document that proves your ownership of a piece of real property.  You receive the deed at the closing and your real estate attorney gives you a copy and sends the original deed to the county clerk for recording.  In a few weeks, she sends you the recorded original deed.  You feel much better having the original deed in your possession.

Years pass and you want to sell your house.  You can’t find the original deed.  Does this mean you can’t sell the house since you don’t have the original deed?

We see it on television and movies, the handing of the original deed from seller to buyer and assume that is how it is done in real life.  Not so.  In real life, your real estate attorney will draw up a totally new deed from you, as the seller, to your buyer.  She never needs to see the original deed, much less need to hand it to your buyer.

If you ever need to show ownership of your house, you can always get a certified copy of your recorded deed from the county clerk.  But, once your deed has been recorded and become a public record, your ownership of your real estate is now established.


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